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Fixer Range



The FIXER is the fist accessory commercialized by the Diamond brand. Its aim is simple: to perfectly hold together the sock and shin pad.

Though many similar products are available today, the FIXER is the only one to offer such a technology to ensure unrivalled comfort.



There are two main benefits:


1) Being authorized to play anywhere in the world, with any team you want. You won’t be bothered by the referee because of the color of your FIXER.

⇒ Please find against the standard issued by the FIFA® (Federation Internationale de Football Association) FIFA's standards (FR, SP, GE)

2) Getting a perfect holding of your sock and shin pad during the match thanks to the unique composition of this accessory. The FIXER perfectly fits your morphology, avoids muscular constriction and respects the blood flow, thus reducing cramps.

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They trusted us




To simplify your life and still keep his pair of FIXER in good condition, DIAFANA®, offers 3 product packs. Each pack consists of a pair of FIXER and storage. To each his own style, your own pack !


Pack Pro

        The Pro Pack has been created for the best, the fanatics, the superstitious, and the genies. Benefit from the top quality of our products and impress your teammates and opponents not only on, but also out of the field. Your Pro Pack consists of a pair of Fixer “Purity”, wrapped in a washable and reusable DIAFANA® net.


Also, you’ll get a case made to measure. Flat, stiff, light and design, it will perfectly fit into a sport bag or any other storing place.




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Pack Sport

       The Sport Pack has been created for any football player. From the elegant player to the powerful winger, from the rough defender to the impassable goalkeeper, including the relentless midfielder.


This pack embodies the nature of the Purity Fixer, i.e. a universal solution. It consists in a pair of Fixer, wrapped in a washable and resistant DIAFANA® net, allowing all players, famous or not, to protect their Fixer.


Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never be able to do without it!



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Pack Young

        As the name of this pack indicates, it has been conceived for younger players, the future champions, passionate and led by a desire to succeed. This pack consists in a pair of Fixer “Purity”, combined to an ergonomic, aggressive and striking-looking pencil case.


This will remind the future stars they should succeed in every area.


Not only is this pack a perfect packaging for the Fixer, but also a way to stand out at school, thanks to this unique pencil case.


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