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DIAFANA® is a French sports brand, imagined by its creators in 2012, while attending a class at Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-Ferrand.

The three of them being passionate about sports, and especially football, they decide to combine passion and work. Thus, they make an audacious bet: meeting field requirements and standards, while listening to their desires and appeal for innovation.

The diamond brand is deeply rooted in innovations, technological breakthroughs and searching comfort for athletes. DIAFANA® is specialized in top of the range sports accessories, so as to meet field necessities and new demands due to sports practice.

The adventure of the brand DIAFANA® is still in an early stage, but it’s predestined to success and recognition by the whole world of sports. Gathering all the actors in the football sector, and sports in general, we offer only the best to our clients!

        No matter your age, your level, or your jersey…

The diamond brand is made for you!